Sunday, 28 November 2010

Developing my work

So here I hope to explain my ideas and thoughts about my Uni major project and also any art work I am producing in my own time(if i get any!)

I feel i'm progressing with my major project well and that the transition theme of our exhibition has helped me direct my work in the way I wanted too. I love drawing faces and
human beauty,so i find i naturally draw this way. I enjoy gothic imagery and recently became interested in venetian masks,Pierrot, Jester and theatrical beauty,so i have incorporated this into my drawings and research.
I like the idea of humanity having many faces and personas,that make up and masks hide are souls and personalities,beauty in ugliness and concealing of darkness and depression under physical beauty.

Here are a few drawings I made of the character Pierrot,he was from the Commedia dell'Arte, a group 17th centry italian performers, He is the Sad clown, In love with the character Columbine,who leaves him for the Character Harlequin.


Pierrot and Harlequin